Semper Fi. You guys never charging us military people on overseas deployment during the course is something people should know that you do. I understand why you don’t advertise that, it’s doing something good for the right reason. All the more reason people should know. Not only have you never charged us a dime for the Season Ticket but then you mail the lessons to us half way around the world –and don’t even charge us for postage! Honestly, I was shocked when the lessons showed up. I was amazed. I made sergeant back then and just came to your classes for this Lt test and met the guys, now I get it. Chief Shea is the ultimate Marine. Between him and that Vietnam combat Marine, John -something that works the door at Rockland and handles the mail (please send him my regards), now I get it. I can’t say enough good things about The Key, you guys are just amazing. Thank you and God Bless America.

Longtime student and (obviously) Marine

I just wanted to say thank you. I ended up with a raw score of an 81 on the LT test. I attended the Wednesday morning class in Brooklyn every week with George Mifsud and his teaching style absolutely attributed to my passing grade. See you at the captain’s course!

Thanks again

Even with some bad-intentioned guy putting out a horrible Lieutenant test (I heard he won’t be involved anymore, thank God), I still passed thanks to some hard work and your classes. No matter what they throw at us, The Key way of approaching the material and the questions on test day pulls through, no matter what. You are the best group of bosses I’ve ever come across, thanks and keep up the good work.

Via email May, 2015

I just passed the lieutenants test. I wanted to personally thank you and your classes were great. I’ll definitely be attending your school again for my Captain’s test. Thank you again,

Sgt. Michael Galletta May, 2015

I went to the other school and failed the sergeant’s test. I felt like I got ripped off, I paid around the same amount you guys charge but then like two months before the test they said that’s it, now you have to pay another like $300 or four hundred more dollars for the crams. I couldn’t believe it. And I still failed! Then I came to you guys. Wow, what a difference. I came out number 57 on the list!!! You guys are the best and I want everyone to know that!

Sgt. Phil Jimenez

To the staff at the key…just to let you know I do appreciate the hard work and dedication you guys put forth to help us achieve our goals…the key got me promoted to Sgt. …the 8 hour cram was great as ‘Oh, Ay, Ralphy Boy’ made it hysterical…and Jimmy Shea…do I need to say more… ….and George…you really upped your game…as I will never forget the command staff acronym for CIMS…be well all.

Via email April, 2015

I actually never opened the Patrol Guide, I studied just The Key Lesson Plans and not only passed the sergeant’s test but I’m near the top of my list.

Via email, April, 2014

I recently took the Captain’s Test and I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am to you and your staff at The Key for helping prepare me for this exam. As a loyal student of The Key for every rank I have attained, I know that The Key’s motto “the school founded with your success in mind” is not only a saying, it’s a pledge. I particularly want to thank Dermot Shea who was one of my first instructors when I was studying for sergeant. He helped introduce me to the world of promotional exam preparation and he is a person who I have admired since I was a young police officer. Thank you again for having the greatest school and the greatest staff a student can hope for.

Captain Richie Taylor

Good evening sir, I’m one of your former key students and took the 2017 Sgt course. I passed with flying colors and I just would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for spot on material and those excellent cram sessions. Wouldn’t be possible with your help. Thank you.

Future Sergeant

Good morning Capt. you don’t know me but I was at the Nassau classes on Mondays for the LT test. Just wanted to thank you and the team at the Key. Very straight forward test and you guys nailed every single procedure on it.

Future Lieutenant

Couldn’t have asked for a more fair test.  Key didn’t miss a step.  Matter of fact the whole test was in your packets.  And pretty much was 90% from your analysis with a few new procedures.

Future Lieutenant

George!! Thank you so much for everything! I believe the test was straightforward, admin guide question on early intervention, just as you predicted. I’ve been listening to your recordings towards the end because I couldn’t read anymore, you’re a great instructor and my inspiration. Like I said before, I got know I got the 213 question wrong because you were on vacation instead of teaching 😩. Thank you again, couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Future Lieutenant
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