Sergeant and Lieutenants Exam Update

To all Key students.

The New York City Police Department has officially announced that the current Sergeant and Lieutenant’s lists will be extended one year, with Sergeant’s list expiring in December of 2022, and the Lieutenant’s list expiring in April 2023. Based on these announcements, The Key believes that the next Sergeant’s exam will likely be administered in The summer of 2022 and the Lieutenant’s exam in late 2022 or even early 2023. Although many students are eager to start studying for the exams, The Key believes studying more than a year prior to the exam can result in student burnout. For students who want to begin to review material, The Key recommends that students review highly tested material and current changes to procedures reflected in Interim Orders. To this end, The Key has produced 37 FREE mini-lessons that focus on highly tested material and Interim Orders. These mini-lessons consist of video presentations and are accompanied by downloadable written material and questions. These mini-lessons can be accessed free on our website,  The Key will continue to produce these FREE mini-lessons until the department announces a test date. More importantly, The Key will keep you advised of all developments and will commence a course when we believe it is most beneficial for our students.

Stay safe, and be well.

The Key 
“Founded with your success in mind.”



  • Sergeant List 6540-17: 1940 out of 2677
  • Lieutenant List 7532-17: 839 out of 1325
  • Captain List 7544-17: 218 out of 266