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Pioneers in promotional exam development. The Key is the #1 promotional school for members of the NYPD. The Key has been preparing members for promotional exams for over 20 years.

The Key is the Only NYPD Test Preparation course that earns you college credits.

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Welcome to Mini lesson #28

Welcome to mini lesson #28. Retired NYPD Captain and Key Founder, John goes into a brief update on current events,...

Welcome to Mini lesson #27

Welcome to the Key! This is mini lesson 27. In this lesson retired N.Y.P.D. Captain, and Key Founder John Monaghan talks...

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You can have early access to your paycheck on the Wednesday prior to...

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  • Sergeant List 6540-17: 1122 out of 2677
  • Lieutenant List 7532-17: 462 out of 1325
  • Captain List 7544-17: 119 out of 266